How often do you train your core? There are many benefits to a stronger core and a strong core will improve any other training that you are doing. Not only that but a strong core improves posture and reduces back pain.

Crunches are something many of us do regularly, or have done in the past. They are the staple of many programs. However, a lot of people feel that they don’t get the results of all their reps so they leave them out altogether. We’ve identified the main problems that cause crunches to be ineffective and advise on the best way to include crunches into your training to ensure maximum benefit.

When performing crunches, it comes down to quality of technique and the speed at which the movement is performed. Slow, controlled reps are the key here. You should never use momentum to complete the motion. Your hands need to be by your ears, elbows relaxed, head in a neutral position, slightly tilted forward and a gap between chin and chest. The movement needs to come from the abdominals. Squeeze until you feel tension in the upper abdominals, lift your shoulder blades just off the floor and release back down to start position. Repeat until you feel the abdominals are fatigued.

Once you have mastered this technique, challenge yourself by raising your feet into the air. Increase rep numbers as your abdominals get stronger.

If you need further help with crunches or any aspect of your training, our friendly Leisure Centre staff can help. We can provide advice and tailor-made programs to get you on the right track to meeting your own personal goals.

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